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Charming North: Huaraz - Trujillo - Chiclayo - Cajamarca 13 days 12 nights

Huaraz - Trujillo - Chiclayo - Cajamarca included

Day 01: Huaraz


City Tour

06:00 Arrival in Huaraz and transfer to the hotel
08:00 Breakfast.
09:00 City Tour, visiting Plaza de Armas (Main Square), Templo del Señor de la Soledad, Museo Regional, Calle José Olaya, old Huaraz street, Trout Fish Farm, and finally we will visit the Baños Termo medicinales de Monterrey (Monterrey Hot Springs).
Lunch (Optional).
Afternoon: free
Overnight in Huaraz


Day 02: Huaraz

Callejón de Huaylas (Huaylas Alley) - Llanganuco Lakes

07:00 Breakfast
08:00 We will go trough the Santa River Valley, which is between the white and black Andes, and where we can see

Laguna de Llanganuco

picturesque towns and beautiful cities like Carhuaz; which because of its height, winds and temperature, is considerated one of the best weather in Peru. We also see Yungay; which is located 22 kilometers from Carhuaz. We will see too Mancos and Caraz town and the most important mountains of the White Andes. We will go up to the Llanganuco Lakes: Chinacocha Lake (female lake), which has a very intense turquoise color and then the Orkoncocha Lake (male lake). The lakes are located between a narrow galciar, and are flanked by the Huascaran y Huandoy. This lake has an great panorama of blue turquoise waters, varied fauna and flora.

Lunch in Caraz.
Return to Huaraz.


Day 03: Huaraz

Cabeza Clava - Templo Chavin de Huantar

Chavín de Huantar

07:00 Breakfast
08:00 We will visit the most representative ceremonial center of the High Peruvian Culture, which has more than 3,000 years old,  considerated the first high level peruvian culture. Here we will see its monumental architecture, with hidden squares and subterranean galleries. Also we will see the finest lithic work like the Lanzon Monolithic, Tello Obelisk and Stela Raimondi, which have anthropozooform representations. Also you can see the Portada de las Falcónidas, which has columns and the famous enon Heads, which are surrounding the Main Temple.

Return to Huaraz.
21:30 Bus to Trujillo


Día 04: Trujillo

City TourCentro de Trujillo

06:30 Arrival in Trujillo and transfer to the hotel.
10:00 We start the City Tour, visiting the Main Square (Plaza Mayor) where we can see the Liberty Statue, which is a marble baroque sculpture. We will visit also the Cathedral of Trujillo, which was built in 1666, and keeps valuable art works, painting of the cuzqueña school and sculptures. We will also visit the Calonge House, Orbegoso House, which have the virreynal touch, because of their paving stone floors, and art work in their doors, Emancipación House, Iturregui Palace, built in the XIX century, and neoclassic architecture. We can also visit the "Museo de Juguete" (Toy Museum) and/or The Archaeology Museum.

Overnight in Trujillo


Day 05: Trujillo


Tour Huacas del "Sol y la Luna" (Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon) - Tour Chan Chan

Transfer to the hotel.Huaca de la Luna

10:30 We will head to Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon also called Moon Pyramid), enjoying the landscape of the Moche countryside, then we will visit the most important part of our journey, the ceremonial and religious center of the Moche people, where we can see polychrome walls, and also the representation of their Moche God: AIA-PAEC. The walls and friezes show characters, like animals and anthropomorphic shapes, and also like the sun, the stars and abstract figures. The purpose of this temple is still not clear, but so far we know, Huaca del Sol (Temple of the Sun) was the politic center of the Moche Kingdom, while Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon) was their religious center. Huaca de la Luna is smaller than Huaca del Sol. From the top of Huaca de la Luna, we can see Huaca del Sol. Huaca del Sol is the biggest massive built construction of the american continent. To build Huaca del Sol, 140 millions mud bricks were needed.Chan Chan

14:00 Lunch (Optional)

14:30 We will head to the territories of Chan Chan, capital of the Chimu Kingdom, and where we will visit Huaca Arco Iris (Rainbow Temple) (also called Huaca Dragón (Dragon Temple)). Then we will visit the Chan Chan Museum, in which a huge computarized Chan Chan archaeological complex scale model is exhibited. We continue our visit through Tshudi Palace, which is one of the 9 palaces of Chan Chan Citadel. Chan Chan was added as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1986. Finally we will go to Huanchaco Beach, where you can enjoy watching or riding the famous "Caballitos de totora" (totora reed boats).

18:30 Transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Trujillo.


Day 06: Chiclayo

City Tour

07:30 Bus to Chiclayo
10:30 Arrival in Chiclayo and transfer to the hotel
04:00 p.m. City Tour, we will see the Cathedral, Santa Verónica Church, Paseo de las Musas y The Brujos Market

Overnight in Chiclayo

Day 07: Chiclayo

Huaca Rajada - Túcume Pyramids - Royal Tombs of Sipan

Huaca Rajada

06:00 Bus Trujillo - Chiclayo.

09:00 Arrival to Chiclayo and transfer to your Hotel.

10:30 We start the tour, visiting Huaca Rajada, the place where the Lord of Sipan was found. Then we will go to the Túcume Pyramids, also we will visit the site museum.

Museo Tumbas Reales

14:30 We will visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, where we can see the Lord of Sipan's treasures like necklaces, ear ornaments, collars and the golden scepter. There we can also see the finest jewelry made in gold and silver, which belong to the Sipan Culture..

18:30 Transfer to the hotel

22.45 Bus to Cajamarca


Day 08: Cajamarca

City Tour - Fundo Los Alpes - Hacienda Tres Molinos - Ventanillas de Otuzco

Ventanillas de Otuzco

06:30 Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

09:00 We start the City Tour: Plaza de Armas (Main Square), San Francisco Church y la Cathedral, which has an amazing facade carved in volcanic rock, Belén, an old virreynal hospital, The archaeological ethnographico religious museum. We will visit the "Rescue Room" of the Inca Atahualpa, Santa Apolonia Hill, which is a great natural lookout point to see the city and the valley, we will also see The Chair of the Inca.

14:00 We will visit the Fundo de los Alpes, the Hacienda tres Molinos which are the places where they breed the best peruvian horses and the best cattle and milk production. Then we will visit las Ventanillas de Otuzco (The Otuzco little windows), which was a big pre-inca necropolis, and which has crypts carved in volcanic rock, after that we will visit the hanging bridge.

Overnight in Cajamarca

Day 09: Cajamarca

Cumbe Mayo - Hacienda "la Collpa"

Cumbe Mayo


09:00 We will visit the Archaeological Complex Cumbe Mayo, located 20km. from Cajamarca, and surrounded by a Stone Forest called Frailones. It's also interesting to visit: The Aqueduct, which is an unique work of pre-inca engineering, The Sanctuary and the Caves of Cumbe Mayo.

13:00 Lunch (Optional)..

15:00 We will visit La Collpa, a place where the cows come when they come when they are called by their names to be milked, then we will visit the small town Llacanora (and its beautiful waterfalls), Callacpoma caves, where we can see cave paintings which are at least 7.000 BC and the therapeutic center los Baños del Inca (Inca Baths Hots springs), thermo medicinal waters which are 82 C°, The Inca Bath, the perolitos, and the place where the Inca Atahualpa talked to the spaniards for the very first time.

Transfer to the airport or to the bus agency.