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The Moche Route: Trujillo - Chiclayo 3 days 2 nights

The Moche Route (Trujillo and Chiclayo)


Day 01: Trujillo

Tour Huacas del "Sol y la Luna" (Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon) - Tour Chan Chan

Transfer to the hotel.Huaca de la Luna

10:30 We will head to Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon also called Moon Pyramid), enjoying the landscape of the Moche countryside, then we will visit the most important part of our journey, the ceremonial and religious center of the Moche people, where we can see polychrome walls, and also the representation of their Moche God: AIA-PAEC. The walls and friezes show characters, like animals and anthropomorphic shapes, and also like the sun, the stars and abstract figures. The purpose of this temple is still not clear, but so far we know, Huaca del Sol (Temple of the Sun) was the politic center of the Moche Kingdom, while Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon) was their religious center. Huaca de la Luna is smaller than Huaca del Sol. From the top of Huaca de la Luna, we can see Huaca del Sol. Huaca del Sol is the biggest massive built construction of the american continent. To build Huaca del Sol, 140 millions mud bricks were needed.Chan Chan

14:00 Lunch (Optional)

14:30 We will head to the territories of Chan Chan, capital of the Chimu Kingdom, and where we will visit Huaca Arco Iris (Rainbow Temple) (also called Huaca Dragón (Dragon Temple)). Then we will visit the Chan Chan Museum, in which a huge computarized Chan Chan archaeological complex scale model is exhibited. We continue our visit through Tshudi Palace, which is one of the 9 palaces of Chan Chan Citadel. Chan Chan was added as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1986. Finally we will go to Huanchaco Beach, where you can enjoy watching or riding the famous "Caballitos de totora" (totora reed boats).

18:30 Transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Trujillo


Day 02: Trujillo

Archaeological Complex "El Brujo" (The Wizard)

BreakfastMural en el Brujo

09:00 We will visit Magdalena de Cao Town. Then we visit the Archaeological Complex "El Brujo" (The Wizard), and its 3 Huacas (temples): Huaca Prieta (Black Temple), Huaca Partida (Cut Temple) and Huaca Cao, where "La Señora de Cao" (The Lady of Cao), priestess  and governor of the Moche people, was found. The "Lady of Cao", stands out from the other tombs because of her pottery, jewelry and tattoos in arms and legs. The mummy is nowadays in the "Museum of Cao", which you can see it directly from Huaca Cao. Then, we will visit the Museum of Cao.

Lunch: Optional

15:00 Return and transfer to the hotel.


Day 03: Chiclayo

National Museum of Sican - Tucume Pyramids - Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum

Piramides de Tucume

06:00 Bus Trujillo - Chiclayo.

09:00 Arrival in Chiclayo. Transfer to the hotel.

10:30 We visit the National Museum of Sican, where you can see gold and silver work, which belongs to the Sican Culture. Then we will visit the Tucume Pyramids, and also its Site Museum.

Museo Tumbas Reales

14:30 We will visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, where we can see the Lord of Sipan's treasures like necklaces, ear ornaments, collars and the golden scepter. There we can also see the finest jewelry made in gold and silver, which belong to the Sipan Culture.

18:30 Transfer to the hotel.

Transfer to the airport or bus agency.